Christchurch, New Zealand – 2008.
A nexus coalesces around a disparate group of artists. While there was a lot of variety in the recorded sound output from this time, the uniting factor was a shared admiration of tracker software, urban freeclimbing, hardcore partying and harder-core ambient music. The inimitable FLUNK parties originated in industrial Waltham, being run solely by WALTER before evolving into their own eponymous mutant dance style and the ill-fated international import/export business. Collected here is the first TRUE compilation of trax from this time, covering a wide range of styles from proto-FLUNK nitrotracker investigations of ’07 through to buzzy-as 2010 burnout slammers. ACCEPT NO LESS – USE YOUR ILLUSION TO MAKE YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

– Blake
Melbourne, Australia. January 2014.

Special thanks to TobW (Nitrotracker), Karsten Obarski & all Team Solo kru.

01. hoagie & bernard – crestfallen
02. team solo – head cube
03. blake - reveal
04. dj dreck – suburban lord
05. chris – slept n dubbed
06. echo from the deep – the bends
07. spelunks – jagajudo (dreck's dryy mix)
08. hyp-no-tech – dream dancing
09. hi-Q – myst arp
10. mr sudo – armchair dub
11. ANX – false ark
12. LIFE/TRUTH - spilt thought
13. dj dreck – rain (bonus beats)
14. BGM1 – pump that

mixed by abstract mutation
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